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M.Ed on Education and Innovation: EDUCH3 : Effective Assessment in Chemistry

Course Description

In this course participants will develop comprehensive, specialized knowledge of current research and innovations in the development of scientific literacy (content, procedural and epistemic knowledge) and metacognitive skills (planning, monitoring and evaluating) in chemistry contexts. Participants will also learn to synthesise research-informed strategies to assess scientific literacy progression in chemistry contexts and be able to critically analyse their effectiveness in their own professional practice environments. This specialised knowledge will be further developed by developing a critical awareness of best practice of formative and summative assessment of chemistry concept and skill progression through the development of novel classroom based assessment strategies that also adhere to the relevant UAE standards. Participants will then learn how to critically evaluate assessment and evaluation strategies and how to integrate assessment evidence generated through these strategies into the teaching and learning improvement processes in their professional contexts.


Library Resources

Week 1


Introduction to Practical work in physics: Making good practical work happen

Investigation Skills: Planning and setting up physics investigations in preparation for meaningful assessment. And additional student-sourced resources.

Required Reading

Abrahams, I. (2017). Minds-On Practical Work for Effective Science Learning. In K. S. Taber & B. Akpan (Eds.), Science Education: An International Course Companion (pp. 403- 413). SensePublishers. 6300-749-8_29

Park, (2008). Probeware tools for science investigations.  Technology in the Secondary Science classroom.


Week 2

Metacognitive strategies and physics assessment

Metacognition and self-regulated learning

Developing metacognitive strategies in physics for and through assessment


Required Reading:

Week 3

Analyzing practical activities for learning and assessment potential potential

Does this activity develop conceptual knowledge, investigative skills and epistemic knowledge?

Required Reading:


Week 4

Assessing inquiry and investigation skills

Procedural and epistemic knowledge.


Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:


Week 5

Assessment in Physics Education


Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:



Assignment 1 due


Assignment 2 Introduced and explained

Week 6

Formative assessment /AfL strategies in Physics:

What does a Formative-Assessment Centred Classroom look like?

Written and Verbal Feedback linking to effective Success Criteria


Required Reading:


Week 7

Required Reading:


Week 8


Formative assessment Strategies in Physics:

Reliability and validity of teacher assessments

Required Reading:

Week 9


Summative Assessment Strategies in Chemistry

Designing effective tools

Internal and external science exams in the UAE

Preparation for exams

Teacher standards: [here]

UAE inspection framework: [here]

Required Reading:

Week 10


Assessment Informed Teaching and Learning

Integrating assessment evidence into teaching and learning improvements.

Required Reading:

Summative Assessment Strategies in Physics Internal and external physics exams in the UAE Preparation for exams

Week 11

Assessment 2 students presentations

Assessment 2 due