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M.Ed on Education and Innovation: EDUENG4 - Assessment and Evaluation for optimizing Learning Progression in English language and literacy


In this course, students will learn to synthesise, within their practice, research-informed strategies to assess learners’ English language and literacy progression and to critically analyse their effectiveness for optimizing progression in their own professional practice environments. The course will support students in consolidating their experience as reflective practitioners, and to link assessment and evaluation cycles with the reflective teaching cycle. There is an emphasis on supporting learners to maximise learning opportunities, through different forms of formative and summative assessment, including student, parental and instructor feedback, in order to create effective and inclusive learning environments which foster growth and development for all groups of students. This course encourages practitioners to engage in meaningful metacognition including self-assessment and target setting as a way of promoting learning independence in their classroom. Students will be supported to integrate technology in their classroom assessment practices.


Course Resources

Week 1

Introduction to assessment and evaluation in English language and literacy teaching and learning

National and International Assessment

Summative forms of assessment

Required Readings


Week 2

Standards-based assessment for learners of English as an Additional Language

Orientation session on searching for research articles (refer to Learning Support Hub)


Required Readings

Week 3

Student Achievement and UAE performance at international benchmarks PIRLS Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Orientation on how to critique and synthesize research regarding standarized summative assessment.

Required Readings

Week 5


Technology-enhanced assessment and metacognition

Required Readings

Online resources

Week 6

Individual differences among language learners Part 1

Learner variables

Required Readings

Week 7

Individual differences among language learners Part 2

Special educational needs/ inclusive classrooms


Required Reading


Week 8

The teaching, learning and assessment cycle in the classroom - formative and summative assessment for, of and as learning

Required Readings

Week 9

The English teacher as reflective practitioner within the teaching, learning and assessment cycle

The English teacher as a reflective practitioner

Required Readings

Recommended Readings

Week 10

Whole school assessment practices

Peer feedback/ parental feedback/ student feedback

Required Readings

Recommended Reading

Week 11

UAE School Inspection Standards – Implications for teachers and learners Required Readings

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