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Referencing Guide: Lecture, Speech, PowerPoint Presentation

APA Referencing and style guide


Lecture, speech, PowerPoint presentation

List of References

1. Lecture

Author, A. A. (Year, Date). Title of lecture.  Lecture presented at , Country.

Kelly, Daniel. (2016, April,6). Responsibility from Outside In: Shaping the Moral Ecology Around Implicit Bias .  Lecture presented at NYUAD, United Arab Emirates.

 2. Lecture Notes

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of notes.  Unit code, Place of lecture, Country.

Note: Lecture notes can be treated as personal correspondence if they are not copied and distributed in print or on the Internet with the author's permission.


3. PowerPoint Slides

Author, A.A. (Year of publication). Title of slides. [PowerPoint slides] Retrieved from URL.


OWL at Purdue.  (2011).  APA formatting and style guide.  [PowerPoint slides].  Retrieved from