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Referencing Guide: Print Newspaper (s)

APA Referencing and style guide

Print newspaper article (discontinuous pages)

For discontinuous pages separate the page numbers with a comma as in the example below. For continuous pages separate with a hyphen.  


Lantigua, J. (2011, January 7). Health care debate hits home. The Palm Beach Post, pp. 1A, 8A.   

In-text Citation

(Lantigua, 2011).

Newspaper article with author

Author, A. A., (Year, Month, Date). Title of article. Title of Newspaper, page.

Cumming, G. (2003, April 5).  Cough that shook the world.  The New Zealand Herald, p.4.

Newspaper article with no author

Title of article.  (Year, Month, Date). Title of Newspaper, page.

Terror strikes in India again.  (2010, February 14).  Gulf News, p. 1.

Newspaper - letter to the editor

Murray, E. (2001, May 9). Refugee crisis [Letter to the editor]. Weekend Australian, p. 13.

Print newspaper article (continuous pages)


Hodge, N. & Barnes, J. E. (2011, January 7). Pentagon faces the knife: Savings ordered up, spurring first troop cuts in decades; Salvo in budget war.The Wall Street Journal, pp. A1-A2.


In-text Citation

(Hodge & Barnes, 2011).