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Restoring a Course Backup File

Important: this tool is best used on an empty course site. It is possible to restore a course backup file over existing course data. This will destroy the data that already exist.


A course backup file (.mbz) may be restored from within any existing course for which you have permission. During the restore process, you will be given the option to restore as a new course or into an existing course.


Restoring a course
  • Start by going to the Actions menu gear icon and select Restore.

Actions menu

  • Upload the backup file by dragging and dropping it from your local computer to the files box. Or choose a backup file from the Course backup area and click on Restore.
  • Confirm - Review all the course details and click on the Continue button.
  • Destination - Choose whether the course should be restored as a new course or into an existing course then click the Continue button.
  • Settings - Select activities, blocks, filters and possibly other items as required then click the Next button.
  • Schema - Select/deselect specific items and amend the course name, short name and start date if necessary then click the Next button
  • Review - Check that everything is as required, using the Previous button if necessary, then click the Perform restore button.
  • Complete - Click the continue button

Restore or Import?

Moodle's file import tool can be used to bring over files and activities between courses on Moodle. It does not transmit most user or grade data. When you're setting up a new version of a course you have taught previously, you may prefer to use the import function unless there is a particular reason to use the restore function. See Importing Course Materials from Past Courses for instructions on using the import function. 

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