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Adding Files and Folders

Moodle provides an easy way for a teacher to present materials to their students. These materials may take the form of files (Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, etc.) displayed on the page as individual items or bundled together inside folders. 

To add files to a Moodle course, you must first ensure you have the editing turned on. To do that, you have to select the Actions menu gear icon and click on Turn editing on.

Actions menu

  • You can simply click, hold and drag and drop a file directly onto your course page. With the Drag and Drop option, the uploaded file will maintain the original filename.
  • You can click the link Add an activity or resource and select either File or Folder from the activity chooser.

Using a folder to display resources is neater than displaying files one by one in a list. It takes up less space on the course page. Once you have created a folder you can still add files to it.


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