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Mason OER Metafinder 
Meta search engine for OERs. Simultaneously search College Open Textbooks, DOAB, Hathi Trust, Merlot, MIT Open Courseware, OER Commons, Open Textbook Library, Project Gutenberg, and more.

Flatworld Knowledge 
"The #1 Publisher of Open College Textbooks" (from home page). Visit their catalog. All open textbooks are written by experts in the field, peer reviewed, and are professionally edited and developed. Students have the option of transforming these open textbooks into audio files, flash cards, and more.

OpenStax College 
An initiative of Rice University, OpenStax College is a non-profit organization committed to improving access to higher education by providing access to free, quality open textbooks. OpenStax open textbooks are developed and peer reviewed by educators to ensure readability, accuracy, and fit with your course.

Open SUNY Textbooks 
"The mission of Open SUNY Textbooks is to provide an academic-friendly publishing model and infrastructure which supports faculty adoption, remixing, and creation of open educational resources (OER) and courses" (from website). Provides a catalog of current and upcoming open textbooks published by the State University of New York (SUNY) OER Services.

Open Textbook Library (University of Minnesota) 

"In an effort to reduce costs for students, the College of Education and Human Development has created this catalog of open textbooks to be reviewed by faculty members. Read full press release

"Open textbooks are complete textbooks released under a Creative Commons, or similar, license.

"Instructors can customize open textbooks to fit their course needs by remixing, editing, and adding their own content. Students can access free digital versions or purchase low-cost print copies of open textbooks" (from home page).

Open Textbooks (Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources) 
Links to open textbooks in a variety of disciplines. Appropriate for four year or two year institutions

Open Textbooks Sources


BCcampus-OPen Ed Open Textbook Collection is home to a growing selection of open textbooks for a variety of subjects and specialties

HathiTrust Description of this database.

BookBoon Textbooks: Free downloadable textbooks from a Danish company. Ad-supported.

Books by CalTech Authors--part of the CalTechAuthors repository: Full books by faculty at CalTech, in the sciences and mathematics. Most would be suitable for textbooks; some are older editions.

CK12.ORG - FlexBooks: Middle and high school level textbooks in science, math, engineering, and nanoscience.

Open College Textbooks: Free and open textbooks suitable for community college (and lower level undergraduate) courses

Flat World Knowledge Textbooks: Textbooks are free to read online, with inexpensive downloadable and print-on-demand copies.

Free (but not Open) Copyrighted Textbooks « Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources: An additional list of open access (but not open copyright) textbooks.

HippoCampus:High school and early college level multimedia textbooks, indexed by topic as well as by book. Instructors can adopt textbooks for specific classes. 

MERLOT Open Textbooks:Textbooks specifically designated for free use. MERLOT also has tutorials, lesson plans, and other educational resources.

National Academies Press:Thousands of books and reports by the various National Academies in Washington DC. Look for the Read it Online link to the left of the book descriptions.

NCERT and CBSE collections (see links in description): Downloadable textbooks from India's National Council of Educational Research and Training. Levels 1-12. Most in English. Available from NoteMonk and Teachoowhich also has CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) books

O'Reilly Open Books ProjectComputer and technology related books from the publisher of the "animals" computer programming books.

Open Text BookA registry of open access textbooks, and open textbook projects.

OpenStax: Textbooks from Rice University, available during Spring 2012

Revision 2.1 - Introduction to Data Communications: A textbook with a unique license agreement

Theory and Practice of Online Learning:An online textbook on online learning from one of the premier online universities, Athabasca University in Canada.

WikiBooks:Completely open and free textbooks on a wide variety of subjects. There are no qualifications for creating/editing, so quality varies considerably, and many books are incomplete. This link is to the English collection, scroll to the bottom of the page for links to collections in other languages, and further Wikimedia projects.

Writing Spaces - Readings on Writing:Creative Commons licensed, peer-reviewed essay collections written by writing teachers for students.

Orange Grove:Open textbooks assembled by University Press of Florida and the Orange Grove Digital Repository. Textbooks on all subjects, free to read and download, and available for print on demand ordering of hardcopy versions.

The Assayer:Searchable catalog and reviews for open textbooks in a variety of formats and licenses

Bookshelf « Saylor.orgTextbooks associated with courses. Under various open licenses.

Expanding Your Skills by Dorothea Salo:A continuing education guide for information and library professionals (and students) wishing to expand their skills. It's also a work in progress accepting community input. While it's aimed at the information and library science field, the techniques discussed will work for nearly any subject.

ZLibrary: Part of Z-Library project. The world's largest ebook library.

Open Textbook Catalog (University of Minnesota)

In an effort to reduce costs for students, the UM College of Education and Human Development has created this catalog of open textbooks to be reviewed by faculty members. Read full press release

Open Textbook Tools



Open Education Database 
A list of 80 OER tools for open textbook publishing and collaborative online course development initiatives. "Includes 80 online resources that you can use to learn how to build or participate in a collaborative educational effort that focuses on publication and development of those materials" (from website).

Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project
"Thanks to your library, you can now create, edit, format and generate print-ready and eBook formats for your book—all for free--using Pressbooks." (from homepage)



Open Textbooks:

  • textbooks that are freely available with nonrestrictive licenses
  • cover a wide range of disciplines
  • available to download and print in various file formats from several web sites and OER repositories
  • range from public domain books to existing textbooks to textbooks created specifically for OER.
  • solve the problems of the high cost of textbooks, book shortages, and access to textbooks as well as providing the capacity to better meet local teaching and learning needs.