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In-Service Postgraduate Diploma in Education: EDUP2 - Evidence-based Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Physics I


This course focuses on the theories and principles of learning design in physics and their application in the physics classroom and laboratory. Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of relevant theories and practice in the physics teaching profession and then critically reflect on selected pedagogical practices and the overarching nature of physics education in the UAE context. This evaluative process will allow them to successfully apply relevant principles and theories from current research, such as inquiry-based learning and other student-centred strategies, to develop engaging and challenging physics learning experiences. Students will also learn the skills needed to continue to develop as physics teachers by learning how to critically self-evaluate their own professional practice against professional standards, and will develop highly specialised knowledge and skills within the physics teaching profession in order to become lifelong learners and leaders of learning in their field.


Library Resources

Week 1

Introduction to Course: Learning to be a science teacher
Course Overview
Required Reading:

Week 2

Effective Teaching Practices for Science Education: What does the
research say?
Required Reading:

Week 3

Inquiry-based Learning (1)
Practical Examples in the Physics Classroom
A Critical Overview of Research Evidence
Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:

Week 4

Inquiry-based Learning (1)
Linking the Use of Metacognitive Strategies with IBL in the Physics
Required Reading:

Week 5

Active Learning Approaches in Science: Bridging the gap between
Theory and Practice
Required Reading:

Week 6

Effective Teaching Strategies in Science
Hands on science activities with real-life physics applications
Required Reading:

Week 7

Planning and Preparation for Effective Physics Pedagogy
Lesson planning (I)
Required Reading:

Week 8

Planning and Preparation for Effective Physics Pedagogy
Lesson Planning (II)
Required Reading:

Week 9

Strategies for teaching “Hard to teach” (H2T) topics in Physics (I)
Using examples for the Science Classroom
Required Reading:

Week 10

Professional learning and meeting teaching standards as a science
teacher through critical reflection.
Required Reading:
Teacher standards: [link to most updated version will be added]
UAE inspection framework: [link to most updated version will be added]