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In-Service Postgraduate Diploma in Education: EDUISD2 - Critical and Enquiry Perspectives on Teaching, Learning and Assessment


In this course, students will examine, analyse, reflect on and demonstrate critical understanding of theory, research and practice of effective teaching, learning and assessment practices. Students will have the opportunity to critically review current research, innovations and practice related to leading edge approaches and strategies for promoting high quality   classroom teaching, learning and assessment. In addition, students will critically review current research to inform improvements and innovations in teaching, learning, and assessment in contexts of their professional practice. Effective teaching, learning and assessment will be considered in relation to different policy contexts including frameworks of professional standards developed in UAE and in other countries. Finally, students will synthesize and make links between their professional practice, relevant theory and research related to effective teaching, learning and assessment.



Teacher standards: [here]

UAE inspection framework: [here]

Course Materials List

Week 1

Course outline and introduction Defining teaching and learning

Required Reading

Recommended Readings

Week 2

Perspectives on teaching, learning and assessment

Selection of week 6 presentation topic from course outline and support materials

Required Readings

Perspectives on teaching, learning and assessment Required Readings

Recommended Readings

  • Pritchard, A., & Woollard, J. (2010). Psychology for the classroom: Constructivism and social learning. Routledge. (Read the Introduction, and Chapter 4).

Week 3

The importance of the researching teacher

Developing teachers’ professional knowledge and expertise through research

Action research and Lesson Study

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

Week 4


The student as a learner - dispositions Learning dispositions and growth mind-sets Motivation

Required Readings

Recommended Readings

Week 5


The student as a learner – strategies for learning Learning strategies, practices and preferences Gender and Language influences on learning

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

Week 6

The teacher–general approaches

Planning for teaching and learning

Broad approaches to teaching: direct instruction, inquiry-based teaching, dialogic teaching, problem-solving teaching, problem- based teaching.

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

Week 6: Assignment 1 report due Introduction to Assignment 2

Week 7

Students Presentations

Week 8

Hands-on practice: Carrying out research in the classroom Developing research questions, data collection and analysis

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

Week 9

The teacher-classroom strategies

Group work tasks and strategies/Differentiation strategies

Required Readings

Recommended Readings

Week 10

Assessment strategies

Fostering independent learning through assessment for learning/formative assessment and metacognition Classroom assessment and tests

Required Readings

Recommended Readings


Week 11

Listening to students

Pupil voice, influence and consultation.

Dialogic teaching

Required reading

Recommended Reading