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APA (7th edition) Citation Guide

Articles or Report

Article or Report


Basic structure for an article: 


Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year). Title of article in non-italics: Capital letter also for subtitle. Journal Title in Italics, volume#(issue#), pg#-pg#.


You can leave out any parts that you don't have, like a DOI, the volume, issue, or page numbers.

Jump to more specific examples by using the table below: 

Online or Print, With DOI Online or Print, No DOI
Two-Twenty Authors Magazine
Report Newspaper
  No Author, Volume, or Issue # 


Online or Print, with DOI (p. 316+ in Manual)

On all article citations, whether you read online or print, include the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if available.  The DOI is like a digital thumbprint: its unique and permanent numbers and letters help identify it. It is typically on the first or last page of the article. It may also be listed in the CrossRef Database. If you are having trouble finding the DOI, Ask Librarian .

Note that as of March 2017, CrossRef and APA both recommend that DOIs be formatted as such: with no period at the end.  

Bueger comma C period parenthesis  2013 parenthesis  period Practice comma pirates comma and Coast Guards colon The grand narrative of Somali piracy period Third World Quarterly comma 34 parenthesis 10 parenthesis comma 1811-1827 period  <a href= “ ” </a>



Two-Twenty Authors (p. 317 in Manual)

List each author in the order they appear in the article. Use an ampersand (&) rather than "and" between the last two.

If you have more than 20 authors, list the first 19 authors, then ..., then the last author (so there is a total of 20 names in the citation). 

Wenneker comma C period P period J period comma Wigboldus comma D period H period J period comma & Spears comma R period parenthesis  2005 parenthesis  period Biased language use in stereotype maintenance colon The role of encoding and goals period Journal of Personality and Social Psychology comma 89 parenthesis 4 parenthesis  comma 504-516 period  <a href= “ ” </a>


Report (see p. 329-330 in Manual)

After the report title, include any report number if available and the Source, which can be thought of like the Publisher of a book.

Group Author or Government Report (see p. 329-330 in Manual)

In governmental reports, you can have multiple "levels," or offices/departments, in the Source element, separated by a comma.

The Author is the office that was most directly responsible for creating the content, and any parent offices are the Source. If you aren't sure which office created the content, look on Google or on their general webpage to figure out the structure -- which office is "under" another office?

Police Executive Research Forum period parenthesis  2020 comma May 11 parenthesis  period Drones: A report on the use of drones by public safety agencies—and a wake-up call about the threat of malicious drone attacks parenthesis  Publication No period COPS-W0894 parenthesis  period Office of Community Oriented Policing Services comma U period S period Department of Justice period  <a  data-cke-saved-href= “ href= “ ” </a>

Named Author 

McKenzie comma D period parenthesis  2009 parenthesis  period Impact assessments in finance and private sector development colon What have we learned and what should we learn question mark parenthesis  Policy Research Working Paper 4944 parenthesis  period The World Bank period  <a  data-cke-saved-href= “ href= “ ” </a>


Online or Print, no DOI  (p. 317 in Manual)

Italicize the journal title and volume number, but not the issue number in parentheses. 

     Aparicio comma F period R period parenthesis  1999 parenthesis  period Reading the “Latino” in Latino studies colon Toward re-imagining our academic location period Discourse comma 21 parenthesis 3 parenthesis  comma 3-18 period


Magazine (p. 320 in Manual)

Online with no DOI

Include the stable URL. Page numbers, volume, and issue may be omitted if not available. 

Greenberg comma A period parenthesis  2020 comma May 12 parenthesis  period The confessions of Marcus Hutchins comma the hacker who saved the internet period Wired period  <a  data-cke-saved-href= “ href= “ ” </a>

Print or from a Database with no DOI

Italicize the magazine title and volume number, but not the issue number in parentheses.  If a magazine has a month and/or date, you may include that.

Rodgers comma J period E period parenthesis  2009 comma January/February parenthesis  period Guinea pig nation period Psychology Today comma 42 parenthesis 1 parenthesis  comma 84-91 period


Newspaper (p. 320 in Manual)

Online with no DOI

Include the stable URL. Page numbers, volume, and issue may be omitted if not available. 

Hu comma W period parenthesis  2009 comma September 11 parenthesis  period Foreign languages fall as schools look for cuts period The New York Times period  <a  data-cke-saved-href= “” href= “” </a>

Print or from a Database with no DOI 

If an article appears on discontinuous pages, list each of the page numbers where it appears. For multiple pages, use "pp." Most newspapers have a month and/or date, so include that.

Hickman comma H period parenthesis  2009 comma September 10 parenthesis  period Forum gives insight to candidates’ views period Knoxville News Sentinel comma A1 comma A11 period


No Author, Volume, or Issue Number 

Remember that APA encourages researchers to use the name of a corporate author, a governmental organization, an office, a department, etc. as the author (see an example like this).

However, if no author can be found, as is sometimes the case with newspaper and magazine articles, begin the citation with the title of the article. 


How Globe and Mail reporters traced the rise of fentanyl period parenthesis 2018 comma May 16 parenthesis period The Globe & Mail period <a  data-cke-saved-href= “</a href= “</a>


Hmong leader emphasizes cultural understanding period parenthesis  2018 comma August 25 parenthesis  period Wisconsin State Journal comma C2 period


Schemm, N.Research, citation, & class guides: APA style (7th ed.): Article or report.