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M.Ed. Curriculum and Learning Design( CLD): EDUCR1 - Research Project

Course Description

The Research Project course takes students through the stages of a research proposal development, implementation, reporting, and presentation of findings, guided by a designated supervisor who is a faculty member. Students will plan individually a research proposal on a topic of their area of interest, guided by appropriate conceptual, methodological, and theoretical principles. After obtaining ethical clearance to conduct the research, students are required to implement the research proposal within an educational context or similar by collecting and analysing data while observing ethical procedures. Students will produce an original written research report that demonstrates the research processes and outcomes. Student will individually present and orally defend their completed research project with regard to processes and outcomes.



Students are also recommended to use the resources given below to help them develop their research proposal and to complete the final research project report. It is recommended that students access the ECAE library online to access other research methodology books and articles available via the library database and Ebrary.

Research Methods Knowledge Base

Research Methods

Qualitative Research in Education

Education Research Methods: NEA

National Center for Research Methods; Using Quantitative research

IBM Support

Qualitative data analysis software:Illinois library