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M.Ed. Curriculum and Learning Design( CLD): EDUCLD8-Brain, Mind, and Learning


This course aims to develop in-depth, specialized and advanced knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the major concepts in the discipline of neuroscience and its relationship to learning. It aims to develop students understanding and ability to critique and analyse different perspectives on links between brain, mind and learning. In addition, this course develops students’ own notions of what educational questions might be addressed with brain-based techniques. Students will critically evaluate and reflect on the brain, mind and learning, educational neuroscience concepts, typical and atypical brain development and their implications to educational practices in the UAE and international contexts. The course will also discuss and critically evaluate educational neuroscience research and approaches used to understand the basis of learning across neurocognitive brain function, typical and atypical development. The students will have an opportunity to synthesize and discuss in-depth current developments and research in the field of educational neuroscience and its impact and professional practice for the improvement of teaching and learning.

Journal Articles