About the Library


The Library contains a rich variety of resources including books, academic journals,  newspapers, DVDs and electronic resources.  Knowledgeable librarians can help you with your research and leisure needs.  


What does the library hold?

Collection What
General Collection Where you'll find most books to support your studies as well as a selection of general interest materials (including fiction, manga, cooking and other fun stuff). You can borrow these. Remember also to look online at OneSearch for our ebooks!
Reference Collection Includes general and subject dictionaries, encyclopaedias, yearbooks, directories and atlases. These items are for in-Library use only.
Journals and Newspapers Includes all the print journals we subscribe to. Here you'll find academic journals to help with your studies and local newspapers. You can borrow back issues of print journals. NOTE: we have LOTS more available online.
Graded Readers These books (some with CDs) are graded by reading level. These are great for both helping you build your English language reading skills as well as for leisure reading.
Independent Learning Practise and improve your English language skills in this collection. The collection is in two parts: IELTS and general English language learning.
Photocopiable Teaching Resources The items in this collection contain activities that you can photocopy and use in classes with your students.
DVDs We have a fiction movie collection as well as a large number of DVDs covering different subject areas (these non-fiction DVDs are shelved in their subject area with the general book collection).
Picture Books and Big Picture Books English (and some Arabic) books for children. You may also want to borrow these to read to children in your families!
Children's Graded Readers To use with children in schools for learning English. These are graded by reading level.
Curriculum Resource Collection A selection of teaching and learning resources for you to plan for your projects and practicum including kits, teaching aids, games and puppets. Come and take a look to get some great ideas for your studies.
Online Library Collections
  • Library databases - giving you access to journal articles on educational subjects (for researching a topic)
  • Britannica Online for reference information on every subject
  • Britannica Image Quest - free images for lesson planning and assignments
  • ebrary - access to over 87,000 ebooks
  • Libguides - providing online access and information (referencing, IELTS resources, news, ECAE in the News...)


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