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Book Club- نادي القراءة: Well-known Authors - مؤلفون مشهورون


About Mohammed Al Fahim 

Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim was born in1948, in the city of Al-Ain, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. For his initial schooling, he attended the "Qur'an Religious School" and then joined the "Al Falahiya School" for further studies in 1959, before travelling to England for higher studies. Upon his return from this journey to England, crowned with a successful completion of his studies, Mohammed A.J. Al Fahim joined the family business in1968 and helped in diversifying the business by opening its doors to various fields: Real Estate, Automotive, Industrial Projects, Travel and Tourism, Agriculture are as many a new field the company ventured in. Amongst his numerous business achievements, Mohammed A.J. Al Fahim has occupied several honorable positions that allowed him to contribute in the development of the Capital: he was a Board Member at the Telephone Company, the Council for Water and Electricity as well as Chairman of the National Investment and Securities Corporation (Niscorp) and 1st Vice President of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Adding to his achievements, At present, he holds the position of Honorary Chairman of Al Fahim Group and is on the Board of Directors of an Insurance Company. He was invited to speak in a number of universities in the United States. Until 1994 the Author was the first vice- president of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has also received the prestigious award of "Gulf Chief Executive of the Year" (1995) and Arab Business Excellence Award in 2007. He is also the member of the Consultative Board to the Ministry of Health and Chairman of CBE Advisory Board of the U.A.E. University. His book: "From Rags to Riches - A Story of Abu Dhabi" published in English was translated in its Arabic, French Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Urdu and now in Malayalam versions.


About Omar Saif Ghobash Cover Art

Omar Ghobash is an Emirati diplomat and author of the book, "Letters to a Young Muslim." He currently serves as Assistant Minister for Culture and Public Diplomacy at the UAE's Foreign Ministry. Previously, he served as the UAE Ambassador to Russia from 2009-2017 and France from 2017-2018.

Ghobash is a founding trustee of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, which runs with the support of the Booker Prize Foundation in London, and he sponsors the Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation.

He studied law at Balliol College, Oxford University and mathematics at the University of London.

“His book Letters to A Young Muslim (2007) really spoke to a lot of people. There are not a lot of Emirati writers who addressed what it is like for a child growing up today and listening to different narratives about Islam.

“He is someone who is able to connect religion, society and politics together and make sense of it all, while offering a fresh perspective.

“A diplomat as well as a writer, he is an important thought leader in the UAE.”