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PGD-SEI: EDUSEI7 - Case Study Research Project

Course Description

This course offers two options in alignment with the School Evaluation Framework (SEF). Option one is a School-Practices Document-Analysis Project and option two is a Case Study-Interview- Based Project. Students are expected to pick one of the above mentioned options. Both options are designed to allow future school inspectors and evaluators explore various means, data, documentation, systems and processes employed by school administrators, managers and leaders, in order to facilitate and implement school inspection and evaluation; taking into consideration the inspectors and evaluators training background. Option one, School-Practices Document-Analysis Project or option two, Case Study-Interview- Based Project focus on practical work to investigate and track the processes, systems and documentations that are required for school inspection and evaluation. Both options emphasize on metacognitive learning; where students are expected to reflect on the process of school inspection and evaluation, as well as reflect on their own learning, in their future capacity as school inspectors and evaluators. Throughout this course, the significance and challenges of school inspection and school evaluation are analyzed as pivotal means for educational improvement. This analysis will touch on the strengths and the weaknesses of the systems and processes used by the schools and the areas needing improvement, within the realm of building human and systemic capacities, for a sustainable school inspection.