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M.Ed.Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): EDUABA4: Measurement, Research Design and Supervision


During this course, students will define appropriate, socially significant target behaviors and critically select direct, indirect, and product measures of behavior. Students will employ advanced skills to create and interpret visual graphical data displays. Students will be introduced to single-subject experimental designs, including reversal, multielement, multiple baseline, and changing criterion designs, in current behaviour analytic research.  Furthermore, students will develop comprehensive understanding of behavioral approaches to personnel supervision and management, including analysis of the importance of supervision, performance expectations, competency-based training, performance monitoring, and effective feedback.

This verified course is one of the required courses designed to meet the coursework requirements for Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification; additional requirements must be met for certification.

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Week 5:

Week 9:

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Week 14:

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Week 1:

Week 2:

Chapter 4. Measuring Behavior

Week  3:

Chapter 4. Measuring Behavior

Week 4:

Chapter 4. Measuring Behavior

Week 5:

Chapter 6. Constructing and Interpreting Graphic Displays of Behavioral data

Week 6:

Chapter 5. Improving and Assessing the Quality of Behavioral Measurement

Week 7:

Chapter 7. Analyzing Behavior Change: Basic Assumptions and Strategies

Week 8:

  • Assessment 2: Mid-term examination

Week 9:

Chapter 8. Reversal and Alternating Treatments designs

Week 10 :

Chapter 9. Multiple Baseline and Changing Criterion Designs

Week 12:

Chapter 10. Behavior analysts as teacher or supervisors

Week 13: