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Adding and editing Rich Text / HTML content items

What should I use it for?

The Rich Text/HTML content item is your catch all for pretty much anything. It allows you to add text, images, tables, and even code. Anything you can do in HTML, you can also do in a rich text box.

Rich Text /HTML content items are not included in your assets library (Content > Assets), so they can only be reused by reusing the entire box.

What shouldn’t I use it for?

If you’re adding links, databases, books from the catalog, widgets, or anything else that you can use one of the standard asset types for, you should use that asset type. Because, remember, the rich text assets are not included in your assets library. This will help ensure you're optimizing the reuse of content throughout your guides.

Adding a Rich Text/HTML content item to a guide

  1. While editing your guide, click on the  Add / Reorder button at the bottom of the box where you want add this.
  2. Select Rich Text/HTML from the dropdown menu.

Selecting Rich Text/HTML from the Add/Reorder dropdown

  1. In the Add Rich Text/HTML window, use the built-in text editor to add and format your text. Check out our Using the Rich Text Editor guide for a full overview of features.
    1. Want to add or edit the underlying HTML code? Click on the Source button to switch views.
    2. As you're working, you can click the Save button at any time to save your progress.
  2. If you're adding this to a box with other content items, use the Position dropdown to choose where your new content item should go. (Don't worry: you can always reorder these later.)
  3. When finished, click the Save & Close button.

Creating and saving a Rich Text/HTML content item

 CAUTION: Pasting content from Word or other webpages

  1. Pasting from Microsoft Word or other websites: content copied from Word or other websites will almost always include a mix of extraneous HTML tags and inline CSS styles. This can conflict with the default page styles, while also making it difficult for you to style the text yourself. 
    • To avoid any issues, we recommend that you paste as plain text.
      • In Chrome, Edge, or Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + V (Mac)
      • In Safari, press Cmd + Option + Shift + V.
    • This will strip out all of the copied formatting, leaving only the text.
    • Often times, this yields the best results, as you can then use the Rich Text Editor to apply formatting to the text yourself.
  2. Pasting images: we do not recommend pasting images into Rich Text/HTML content items.
    • If the content was copied from another webpage, the image will be added using its original URL. As a result, if the original image is taken down for any reason, you'll end up with a broken image in your guide.
    • Instead, please upload the image to your Image Manager library, then insert it using the Rich Text Editor.

Editing a Rich Text/HTML content item

Options for editing a Rich Text/HTML content item

  1. Click on the Edit () icon in the lower-right corner of the Rich Text/HTML content item that you want to edit.
    1. To edit the content using the Rich Text Editor, select  Edit from the dropdown menu.
    2. To edit the content using the HTML editor, select  HTML from the dropdown menu.
      • Note: the HTML editor does not validate your code, so be careful when adding and editing code.
      • Any unclosed elements or attributes could prevent your guide from loading correctly. Contact Springy Support if you need help restoring your guide.

The HTML editor