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Creating a guide from scratch

Via the LibGuides dashboard

A quick way to create a new guide is via the LibGuides dashboard. If you've logged into LibGuides, then this is usually the first page you see. However, to get there at any time, simply click on  Home in the orange command bar.

Then, in the LibGuides Shortcuts box, click on the Create Guide link.

Creating a guide from the dashboard

Via the Guides page

You can also create a new guide via the Content > Guides page. Once there, just click on the  Create Guide button.

Creating a guide from the Guides list page

Configuring your new guide

Once you've arrived at the Create New Guide page, you're ready to set up your new guide.

  1. To create a guide from scratch, select "Start Fresh" from the Choose Layout or Reuse dropdown.
  2. If your admin allows you to select your own guide layout template, use the Templates dropdown to select your preferred template.
    • Tab Layout template will use a tabbed navigation menu at the top of the guide.
    • Side-Nav Layout template will use a two-column layout, with a navigation menu on the left and the guide content on the right.
    • If you're not sure what to pick, don't worry: you can change this at any time.
    • If this dropdown menu is disabled, however, then that means your admin is requiring all guides to use a specific template.
  3. For the Guide Name, enter a title for your guide. This will display in the guide's page heading and breadcrumbs, as well as in the guide lists on your LibGuides homepage.
  4. You can provide an optional Guide Description to provide a brief intro to the guide. This will display below the Guide Name.
  5. The Guide Type provides you with a way to organize similar guides. (On the default LibGuides homepage, you'll see these organized under the By Type guide list.)
  6. Group Assignment: if you have LibGuides CMS, you can choose to assign your guide to a specific group of guides.
  7. Password: if you have LibGuides CMS, you can require users to provide a password before they can view your guide.
  8. Share Guide Content: when you enable sharing for your guide, you're allowing other users to create a copy of it. There are a few options you can choose from:
    • Community: if your admin has enabled sharing with the LibGuides community, this will allow other users from other LibGuides sites to create copies of your guide.
    • Internal: this will allow only users from within your LibGuides sites to create a copy of your guide. Users from other LibGuides sites will not be able to do so.
    • No: this prevent any user (internal or community) from creating a copy of your guide.
  9. Requested By (LibCRM): if your library subscribes to LibCRM, this will allow you to record who requested this guide to be created.
  10. Click on the Create Guide button.

Options for creating a new guide