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CEC PD Resources: Leading People and Teams


“Leading is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals” (Richard Daft) Leading can therefore be defined as a process of exercising Leadership through influence, provision of direction and guidance to followership towards the achievement of pre-defined organizational goals.

Leading through Change

6 Dos And Don'ts Of Leading Through Change

Leading through change gracefully can seem impossible at times. The important thing is to not let change overwhelm you, and as a leader, not let yourself overwhelm your team.  The next time you’re faced with a sudden change, handle it in stride with these simple but crucial dos and don’ts.

  • Do: Share what you know.
  • Don't: Forget to make time for questions.
  • Do: Outline the plan.
  • Don't: Try to tackle everything at once.
  • Do: Mitigate conflicts.
  • Don't: Fail to applaud great work.