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Finding Academic/Scholarly Journal Articles in the LLSH

How to Identify a Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Peer-reviewed or scholarly articles are usually lengthy and written in scholarly language by scholars and researchers. These articles are often peer-reviewed, which means that the information in the article was checked for accuracy and importance by a team of experts in the field before publication.

Does the article have the following features?

Image of the first page of a peer-reviewed article. These items are highlighted: Been published in a scholarly journal.   An overall serious, thoughtful tone.   More than 10 pages in length (usually, but not always).   An abstract (summary) on the first page.  Organization by headings such as Introduction, Literature Review, and Conclusion.  Citations throughout and a bibliography or reference list at the end.  Credentialed authors, usually affiliated with a research institute or university.

Also, Scholarly publications can be identified by the:



Writing style

formal, technical language relevant to the field of research

Use of Images

diagrams and charts relevant to the research but little other illustration or advertising


usually at least ten pages


includes sources of information usually as references and footnotes


only it is relevant to the field of study


If you want to be certain that the journal in which the article appears is peer-reviewed, you can explore the Homepage of the journal on the Internet. Peer-reviewed journals are usually proud to announce that they are peer-reviewed.