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Plagiarism: How to Use Grammarly

Online, Plug-ins and Extensions

Preferred Method of Using Grammarly

Copy and paste text or upload a document (.txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf) into the Grammarly online editor.

Desktop App for Windows and OS X

The desktop app installs a shortcut on your computer's desktop to provide quick and easy access to Grammarly. Its usage is identical to the online editor. The desktop app is available for both Windows and OS X.

Browser extensions

The browser extensions allow Grammarly to check writing entered in text boxes within a web browser, including the Gmail Compose box.

You can also use the Grammarly Keyboard App for iOS and Android devices. Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and download the free app. You may need to read the How to Install pages for your device's operating system to complete setup: How to Install on iOS ... How to Install on Android.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Plug-in for Windows

The Microsoft Office plug-in for Windows conveniently adds Grammarly to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. When creating a document, Grammarly will appear on the right-hand side and provide suggestions, as the online editor does.


We suggest that you DO NOT install the Word plug-in, but instead write your document in Microsoft Word and then upload it to the Grammarly online editor.

Grammarly suggests that if you want to install the Word plug-in, use Grammarly's "Undo" button, which appears after you accept a correction.

Grammarly suggests that if you want to install the Word plug-in, then disable the Grammarly plug-in before you begin typing any text in MS Word, and enable the Grammarly plug-in when you are done editing. This way you will proofread text and save it as a ready-to-use document.

Microsoft Word's "Undo" button and Ctrl+Z shortcut are disabled when Grammarly is turned on.

How Grammarly works

Grammarly works as an add-in with Office applications and your web browser if you choose. So, what can Grammarly do for you? It will gently point out errors in your writing with Grammarly Cards to help you edit more efficiently. 

Creating Grammarly premium account

To Create Your Premium Grammarly Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Provide your email, email, and set up a password. 
  3. Check your inbox for the email and click on the activation link. (it may be in your junk/spam folder.) 

You can also use the code to upgrade an existing account.

Questions, comments or issues?  email us at :

Grammarly Main Page


Once you login to Grammarly you will be able to create a new document by 1) uploading a document into Grammarly, 2) copying and pasting content into a new Grammarly module, or 3) typing your paper from scratch in Grammarly. You can also see previous papers on the home page and can edit existing documents or delete them from the home page.

Upload new document

To get started with a new document, click on the "New" icon.




Grammarly Menu


Import File

Importing a document is easy. Just select "import Document" from Grammarly's menu, find the document, and open.


Set A goal


The image on the left shows the 5 types of goals you can set for your paper. By clicking on the appropriate audience such as "General" you are telling Grammarly that the people reading your paper have a general understanding of the topic. Selecting "Academic" under Domain lets Grammarly know to check your paper for academic-quality writing.



The image shows the beginning of a paper. As you can see several mistakes have been made and Grammarly has underlined the mistakes. On the right, Grammarly is offering suggested changes. By clicking on the underlined word, Grammarly will open the suggested changes using a Grammarly card. If you would like to accept the change, click on the corrected component in the Grammarly recommendation.

Continue through the document until all necessary changes have been made.


Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker allows you to verify that you have appropriately cited all of your sources.


Exporting Documents

Downloading or exporting content from Grammarly can be done by 1) clicking on the download button on the document on the home page, 2) selecting download from the Grammarly menu, or 3) copying the text from the Grammarly document and pasting it into something like Microsoft Word or a GoogleDoc.