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PhD Measurement and Assessment: DOCM730 - Quantitative Research Methods

Course Description

This course will prepare students to undertake quantitative research in education. Students will gain an understanding of the nature of quantitative research designs; major worldviews on and methods of doing quantitative research, including their assorted rationales, strengths, weaknesses, and applications. Students will also gain skills in in designing, conducting, interpreting, and reporting quantitative research. Specifically, this course, using a combination of formal lectures, in-class activities, and discussions about course readings, will provide a detailed introduction to three widely used quantitative research designs: correlational, experimental/quasi-experimental, and survey. Special attention will be paid to the underlying theory and assumptions of these three commonly used quantitative research designs. Hands-on practical sessions, employing IBM SPSS Statistics, will enable students to implement these powerful and versatile quantitative tools and techniques in the context of specific educational research applications.