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NoodleTools How to Guide: Share a Project with a Teacher

How to Share Your Project with a Teacher

Your teacher may ask you to share your project. This gives your teacher the ability to look at your work and send you helpful feedback. On your assignment sheet, your teacher will tell you the inbox’s name to use when sharing your project.

1. On the Dashboard screen of the project you want to share, under Sharing, click "Share with a project inbox" to open the area.

Share a project with a teacher's inbox

2. In the Project inbox field enter the inbox’s name. The name will auto-complete as you begin to type, and once you see the right one, select it from the list.

3. Your name will be automatically filled in, but if you have not entered your full name in your profile, enter it here, so your teacher will know who you are (he or she may not recognize your personal ID).

4. If you have a paper to share with the teacher, check the box "Share linked Google Doc."
5. Click Done. The project is now shared with the inbox "Environmental Activism," and the paper is also shared with the inbox.

Class inbox

If the teacher cannot see your paper, click "Reshare" to re-link the paper with the inbox. 

On the Projects screen, the project you shared will have a checkmark in the Shared column. if you do not see the checkmark, reload the Projects screen. 

Projects shared screenWhen a teacher views your shared project and leaves new comments for you, you will find them in the comments panel under Projects, Sources, or Notecards. The comment icon in the upper right of your screen will display the number of new comments. Click on the icon to open the comments panel.

Comment icon on sharing screen

Open any of the categories in the comments panel to view the new comments. If your teacher has made a comment about a particular source or notecard, click View source or View notecards under the comment and NoodleTools will display the item referred in the teacher’s comment.

Teacher comment

You can identify which teacher has left you a comment by looking at the ID preceding the comment (e.g. “mstandersen” in the above screenshot).

You can respond to the teacher’s comment by clicking Respond.

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