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NoodleTools How to Guide: Create an Account

How to Create a New NoodleTools Account

If you are logging in to NoodleTools subscription you will need to login using your ECAE Microsoft 365.

 If you are a new NoodleTools user, click Register to create a new account.  

1. How to create a new account

On the Sign In page Click the "Office 365" button on the login screen



If this is not your first time logging in this way, you will be automatically logged in and see your My Projects screen. 

If this is your first time logging in this way, go to  Account setup below to create a new account or link an existing account to your Office 365 ID.



Registering your account

Under Account Setup:  "I am a student or library patron" is selected by default. If you are a teacher, select "I am a teacher or librarian" (this option includes the Assignment Inbox feature that allows students to share projects with you).

A. New user 

(If you have an existing account, go to the next section.)

If you are a new NoodleTools user, leave the "Create account" tab selected (default) and click the "Create Account" button.

On the next screen, under "Update Profile," select your graduation year (and name of your school, if necessary) and click "Save Profile."

The next screen will be My Projects in your new NoodleTools account.


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