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M-Reader@ECAE: M-Reader

Compete with others to read the most words - and it's fun!

Some fun reading in our collection

Student orientation-Instructions on how to use m-reader

Use M-Reader to read and compete with your peers

MReader is designed to be an aid to educational institutions all over the world wishing to implement an Extensive Reading program. It allows teachers (and students) to verify that they have read and understood their reading. This is done via a simple 10-item quiz with the items drawn from a larger item bank of 20-30 items so that each student receives a different set of items. Students who pass a quiz receive a cover of their book on their own home page on the site.

M-Reader books are all marked with and are grouped by level in boxes on the shelves.

Log in to M-Reader Compete with your class to see who can read the most words!


Online Quiz Instructions

1.  Go to

2.  Log in:

Username: ECAE-last 5 digits of your student number  (e.g. ECAE-14119 )

Password:  mypass

NOTE: on first login, you should change the password to something you remember

3.  Find your book on M-reader - type the title  (or Publisher or Reading level) 

4.  Press Search.

5.  Select your book carefully by double checking the cover page image and click on it.

6.  Press OK to start the quiz.

7.  Do the quiz!

8.  The Report Card will immediately show your status!



Where can I find the books?

All the books are in the independent learning area of the library (back left corner).

They will have the Mreader sticker on the front cover of the book.

All will be in boxes with their levels - from level 1 (easiest) to level 9 (hardest).  You'll find the book level sticker on the back of the book (top right corner).