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Faculty Hub: Adding Availability to your Libcal

Adding Availability to your Libcal

  • From the drop down menu click on Libcal:


  • Click on the Appointments tab to get started.


  • Next, click the Availability tab to enter your specific date information


  • Don't click on the gray section with the clock icon at the end of the text entry field. It doesn't do anything!
  • Your start time; the top half of the left box is for morning hours, while the lower section is for the afternoon and evening. On the right, the minute section lets you choose specific minutes, not just full, half, or even quarter hours.



  • Remember: Hours are on the left, minutes are on the right. The top of the hour section is for morning, lower section is for afternoon and evening.
  • Click on End Time:



  • Choose how often you'd like the session to repeat. You can enter a single session...


  • ...or daily, or...


  • ...weekly, which is good if you wanted, say, every Wednesday afternoon...


  • ...monthly...


  • ...or use the multi-date picker to choose select individual dates.


  • Please do not change the Location or Group options.


  • You should have Emirates College for Advanced Education Abu Dhabi Campus selected.


  • Once you're done, click the blue Add Availability button to finish.