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Consultation Guidelines


  • Students  need to be prepared in advance of their booked consultancy sessions in order to make the most their time with the consultant.

  • WC Consultants will NOT proofread, edit or correct or provide any form of grading or assessment feedback.

  • Consultants will use a collaborative approach to assisting writers and will endeavor to provide the best advice and guidance in order to allow the writer confidence in completing their work.

  • It is hoped that, where possible, appointments are avoided with the writer’s current course tutors.  This is to avoid complications arising from assessed work and conflicts of interest.

  • WC Consultants will keep basic records of their sessions for reporting and statistical analysis.

  • Faculty will be encouraged to refer students to the Writing Center, but should avoid making appointments on their behalf.  Online consultancy appointments need to be made in advance to use the service.

  • At the time of booking or drop-in, staff will assess the nature of assistance requested and will refer the writer to the appropriate member of staff for consultancy.  Help with queries related to research, Library and learning resources, citation and bibliography can be handled by Librarians

  • We encourage students to join the consultancy team as Peer Tutors.  Students with high levels of language proficiency and an interest in developing their coaching, mentoring and tutoring skills will be considered.  Training will be provided and their work in the Writing Center will be acknowledged through certificates and testimonials.

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