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Guide to Distance learning

All you need to know about library services are her


Welcome to the Library!

This guide is meant to orient you to the library services and help you get started with all our resources. Feel free to contact us with additional questions. We look forward to working with you!

Library Resources

  • Distance learners are expected to access and use online library resources which are delivered via Email, including Book chapters, e-journals articles, e-books and databases. Access to these resources is normally via a student’s IT account.
  • Distance students can access and find library resources by going to Library website :  the search box includes all our online resources as well as print books.
  • Remember to consider your keywords before you start searching - this is the hardest part of any search!  Think of synonyms (alternative words with the same meaning) and different spelling of words.  Consider how different concepts link together.  This will make your search a lot easier.
  •  If you find a book in our library collection but the book is not available in your library , you can request it by using the  item request form
  • If you find a book chapter or journal article that we don't have, we will borrow it from another library and we will get it to you, Please use the interlibrary loan form to request