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Website Evaluation: Checklist for evaluation

How Can I Tell if a Website is Reliable?

It can be challenging to determine whether a website you’re using is reliable. Before using information you find on the internet for your research, it is important to judge its accuracy and to establish that the information comes from a reliable and appropriate source.There are different ways you can tell if your  website is credible.

 Follow these tips to help you evaluate what's good and what's not!

Questions to check Authority

1. What is the domain of the website?

  • .com - company -->
  • .gov - government -->
  • .edu - education -->
  • .ac - academic -->
  • .org - organization (non-profit) -->
  • .ae, .us, .ca - country codes (UAE, US, Canada) -->

2. Whose website is it? Look for:

  • About Us/About
  • Contact Us/Contact
  • Company/Company Info

3. Who wrote the content?

  • A researcher
  • A student
  • A person with little knowledge about the topic

4. What type of a resource is it?

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Facebook comment
  • Twitter comment
  • YouTube video

Questions to check Currency

1. Can you find the copyright/last updated date?

2. Can you find a copyright date on the home page?

3. Can you find any dates related to the content you are reading?

Questions to check Reliability

1. Is this information reliable?

2. Are there links to other sites with similar information listed?

3. Is the information one-sided (an opinion)?

4. Are there advertisements (ads) on the page? Why are they there?


Books available

Indicators of Credibility

Site Design

Well-designed site can be an indication of more reliable information. Good design helps make information more easily accessible.

Writing style

Spelling and grammar are an indication that the site may be credible.


Evaluating a web site for objectivity:

  • Is the information presented with a particular bias?

  • is the site trying to sell or promote a product?

  • What goals/objectives does the site meet?

  • How detailed is the information?

Questions to check Purpose

1. Who is this website for?

2. Why was this website created?

3. Can you find the About page?