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IELTS: Reading

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Reading Practice

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Study Skills Success

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Online Resources for Reading

What's the difference between Academic Reading and General Training Reading?

How long does the Reading paper last?

What type of information will I read?

How is the Reading paper assessed?

You will be asked a total of 40 questions. Each question is worth one mark. In order to assess how much of the reading passages your understand, the questions will usually paraphrase (use different words with the same meaning) the information given in the text. The questions test a variety of reading skills including your ability to do the following:

  • Identify the writer's overall purpose
  • Follow key arguments in a text
  • Identify opinions and attitudes
  • Locate specific information
  • Distinguish main ideas from support details
  • Extract information from a text to complete a diagram, summary, table or set of notes

Note: You do not lose marks for incorrect answers.

What type of questions will I need to answer?

How do I answer the questions?

Reading Skills Videos