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PGD Guidance and Counseling: EDUGC07 - Case Study Research Project

Course Description

This course requires the students to conduct a Case Study Project. The case study project is designed to allow students to investigate a guidance and/or counselling topic of their interest. The Case Study Project focuses on practical work to investigate and track the processes, systems and/or documentations that are required for guiding and counselling children. The case study research project emphasizes on metacognitive learning; where students are expected to reflect on the process of school guidance and counselling, as well as reflect on their own learning, in their future capacity as school guidance and counselors. Throughout this course, the significance and challenges of school guidance and counseling are analyzed. This analysis will touch on the strengths and the weaknesses of the systems and processes used by schools and considered areas in need of improvement



Holder, J. H., (2014). Research methodology, a basic awareness study.

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Useful Websites and Resources

Students are also recommended to use the resources given below to help them develop their research proposal and to complete the final research project report. It is recommended that students access the ECAE library online to access other research methodology books and articles available via the library database. •