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All You Need to Know About Library & Learning Support Hub

Learning Support Hub


Learning Support Hub :is dedicated to helping students become better writers. Our specialist help students become independent, confident writers through an interactive approach to writing. The hub’s tutors do not proofread or edit students' assignments; rather, they teach students to recognize and correct their own errors with the goal of making them more confident and self-sufficient writers.


LSH offers one-on-one consultation sessions by appointment or on a drop-in basis to students throughout the ECAE. During tutorials, students and the instructor work together on various aspects of writing: paper development, organization, outlining, paragraphing, sentence-structure, wording, vocabulary and mechanics.

The tutoring sessions can help students brainstorm; organize their writing; review grammar, punctuation and mechanics in the context of their writing; or work to improve a draft that has been critiqued by their instructor.

LSH also delivers embedded Workshop sessions on various Academic skills as well as Soft Skills. You can look and register for the workshops using LSH Calendar.