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Ebook Central: Ebook Central download instructions

Instructions on how to download Ebooks from ebook Central site


eBook Central is a collection of electronic books in a wide range of subject areas. Access is available from all campus computers.  Faculty, staff, and students can also access this resource from off compuse.

Please start at then click on library database and choose from the drop-down menu ebrary e-books.

You will be taken directly to the ebook Centeral site and can print/copy text/view content without a login. Only if you wish to use bookshelf features will you be prompted for alogin.

The ebook centeral homepage includes tabs across the top of the window to make it easy to search and view the collection.

  • Search provides tools for searching as well as a history of your searches for the current session.

  • Bookshelf stores documents that you have selected for future use and enables you to organize the information that you have found.


Subject coverage

Using Ebrary

You can click on any of the subject areas and publishers on the main page, or perform a simple search by typing in word(s) in the simple search field.

You can narrow a simple search by clicking on any of  the subject options, or creating an advanced search. Putting your search criteria in quotes will search for an exact phrase.



View Book

You can access any of the books by clicking on the title or book jacket. This action bydefault will take you to the ebrary QuickView screen.

When you find what you are looking for, you can copy or print the information, add annotations, or save document to your bookshelf.

Creating an account

To download a document, you have to login to your personal ebrary account.

To create your ebrary account:

*   Click on the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner.

*   On the Sign In page, click on Create my user account.

*   Complete the form and then click on Create My Account.

*   Follow the promptsto set up your account. (Enter an accurate email; if you forget your password, it can only be emailed to the address on file).

*   Near the bottom, you will need to click to agree to Terms of Service.

*   Click the “Create New Account” button.



Simple search

You may search by keyword, author or publisher, and you can use "double quotes" around the search terms to search for the exact phrase. Search words can be entered in any order.

Advanced search

Advanced searching is available in the ebrary platform. Advanced searching features include:


  • Text and key field
  • Subject
  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Doc ID (every ebrary document has a unique doc ID number)
  • Dewey Decimal number
  • ISBN
  • LC call number
  • Publication year

As in simple search, search results can be sorted by:

  • Title
  • Contributor
  • Publisher
  • Date

Book found

Book download

Download to mobile device

Install Bluefire Reader

Complete download

downloading to Desktop and laptop

Adobe digital editions

Complete download


Downloads allows you to access and work with content offline.  You will need to sign in to your personal ebrary account to access this option.

There are several options available in terms of downloading ebrary content:

  • In image PDF format, a chapter or page range up to 60 pages
  • Full title downloads using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), free software available from (requires signing into ebrary bookshelf account and ADE account

Adobe digital edition

In order to download full titles to your laptop, computer or handheld device, you will need to Install Adobe Digital Editions:

From your computer, go to

and create a free  account by simply going  to

With ADE, you may download up to 10 titles at a time and have off-line access to your downloaded titles for up to 14 days. You may return a full title download early and within your ADE account you may also do the following:

  • Take notes
  • Show facing pages
  • Print
  • Transfer titles to handheld devices

How to download ADE

1. Go to the Adobe Digital Editions download page.

2. Select Windows download.

To install on Windows:

  1. Double-click on the downloaded ADE Installer to open. When prompted, click Run, and follow the installation instructions. 

2. Adobe Digital Editions Install will launch and display a license agreement. Check off "I agree the terms in the License Agreement",

License Agreement screenshot

3. Select which options you wish to install. (If you don't wish to install desktop shortcuts or other quick launch options, you may uncheck them here. The Adobe Digital Editions program will still be available in your Start Menu). Click Next.


4. If desired, click Browse to select where to install Adobe Digital Editions. Otherwise, click Install.


5 . One more click and we’re done!



6. And you still have a little setting up to do.

7. It turns out you can’t download the ebook without creating accounts with both Ebrary and Adobe. So it’s time to do that.

8. Fill in all that information and “Join Adobe.” Now’s the time to start getting excited about reading that book, because there are only four steps left to go.

9. Success! Adobe Digital Editions activated.


10. Only you don’t have any books yet. So go back to the Ebook Central download page and click “OK.”


11. Now you’ll get a prompt to download the ebook into Adobe Digital Editions. If you’re still going at that point, click “OK.”


12. And now we have our book. Through Adobe Digital Editions, it can be moved to various ebook readers and devices. Unfortunately, despite having accounts with both Ebrary and Adobe at this point, it doesn’t sync across computers. So if you download a book onto one computer using Adobe Digital Editions, you won’t be able to log into Adobe from another computer and access the book, which is functionality I expect at this point.



Creating a personal ebrary account allows access to a Bookshelf.  This Bookshelf provides the options to

  • save titles for future use
  • organize saved titles into folders arranged by subject
  • annotate within saved titles with notes and highlights
  • share annotated text with other ebrary users

There are no space limitations in the bookshelf feature and users may save as many titles as they choose, in effect, creating their own personal e-book library over time.

  • Click on the Bookshelf tab
  • You can create folders here to organize your e-books, email e-books to others, and share folders via URLs.

How to download Ebooks

How to read ebooks


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